The Problem With Bernie Sanders

Charity and helping the poor is not synonymous with government welfare programs. Secular Progressive termites want to replace actual charity with a faceless government that's funded by forcibly extracting (extorting) tax dollars from our wallets. The more government welfare programs we have, the more we destroy the charitable nature of the community. The more we hand over responsibility of the poor to the government, the more disengaged people become with the needy. 

It becomes the government's obligation and responsibility instead of the actual community. The people of a community should care for the needy in that community, not the government. The ideologies of people like Bernie Sanders are gradually destroying the actual community and replacing it with government bureaucrats. 

It's OUR job to care for the needy in our communities, not the government's. Back just 20 years ago, the churches and the people of a community used to care for each other. What do you think has changed? Christianity has been undermined in our culture, along with the charitable nature inherent within Christianity, and government welfare programs have become more and more extensive.


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