We Are Humans And We Are Different

We're being conquered by (mostly Jewish) Communists; it's more than just "Mega Banks". And: Race is more than just "a coat of paint". All the different races have completely different backgrounds, and all our ancestors DID NOT go through "the same exact things". That's egalitarianism, and it's part of the problem. Egalitarianism is a communist ideology. Communism claims to be a political system that's for the working class, ensuring that nobody is poor because hey, "we're all the same", right? "We're all equal", so therefore, the doctor should make no more than the street sweeper. 

Communism is an egalitarian ideology, it sucks the life out of a people, and it must be rejected before it's too late. We're all different, and there's nothing wrong with that. Humans are the species, and all the different races are different subspecies of the human species. Just as a Polar bear and a Black bear are part of the same species, they're each part of distinct subspecies, and that's okay. A fundamental lie of the system is that "Racism" causes violence, when the opposite is the truth. Crime stats show that Races overwhelmingly tend to attack each other, not other races. Blacks attack each other at a rate of over 90%. Whites attack each other at a rate of around 85%. Latinos, same phenomenon. So what is this quest of "ending racism" all about when "racism" doesn't cause the majority of the violence, especially in terms of White on Black crime, which is next to non-existent. Before diversity, Whites didn't have to lock their doors at night in America. It is best for Whites to separate. Not out of hatred, but out of their natural sense of self-preservation. Whites won't survive in a "multicultural" society. 

They'll get out bred and the non-white members of the society will vote to take more money from the Whites, and Whites will not have children unless they can afford them, unlike most non-white (r-selecting) races. The answer is to agree to separate, where each respective human subspecies can have an environment in which to grow among their own, as they have, in the case of Whites, 40,000 years. You're not going to change what people are hard-wired to do. "Racism" is a threat response. If humans didn't have a threat response, the species wouldn't have survived. Humans would have died off a log time ago without "racism" aka Threat Response. It is rational to be alarmed when you see that Blacks are 13% of the population and commit over 50% of the murders. It's rational to be disgusted when you see that over 75% of Black women with children are single mothers. In fact, if you're not disgusted by that, there's something seriously wrong with you. 

Race is an important issue because the Jews who are mixing up the world and taking down Western Civilization are doing so as revenge for the 109 times their ancestors were kicked out of European societies in the past. Jews have always subverted societies, it's well documented. Post WWII, we were brainwashed to forget that. We were told that it was evil for us to even have a White identity. That's why Whites can be manipulated so bad out of fear of being called "racist" aka: Activating their threat response. The Jews and traitor Whites who control The "Mega Banks" are the threat, but if you point that out today, they'll /Pavlov Dog/ you by invoking the Nazi, White Supreme-ist, Racist bell. If there's any hope for Western Civilization, we must see Political Correctness and Egalitarianism for the anti-White bullshit it is.


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