Germany Commits Epic Fail In "Migrant" Issue

Dems in the U.S. love to throw around a phrase, in their usual snarky way, "elections have consequences."

Therefore, I would say to all of our European friends, not just to you Austrians, and not in a snarky way, either: Yes, elections surely do have consequences.

And the consequences of the last several decades of European elections we are now witnessing in the present invasion of the unwashed, uncivilized Muslim horde.

When you elect people---political parties---who despise you, who despise their own culture, who despise their own heritage, who despise their own societies, who despise their own countries.....then.....this is the natural result.

You can allow yourselves to continue to be lead, and bamboozled, by the destructive left-wing propaganda, can liberate your minds, clear away the fog and the cob webs, see the reality around you, and elect people not parties who will defend you, your culture, and your nation.
Do that.....or perish.

It is YOUR choice.

Oh by the way, Ms. Merkel brought this all on Germany and now she can't handle the outcome of her colossal blunder.

From the Express in the UK:

Europe disintegrates: Now Germany threatens sanctions against EU nations over migrants. 


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