GOP Just Gave Life Support To Corporate Welfare

The Wall Street Journal reports that the GOP has saved the Export Import Bank.

Why should this matter to you?

Well, there they go again - The GOP leadership, the guys who never learn. Why on earth they did this, I will never understand. It is corporate welfare of the worst sort. They do not care what the people who vote for them want.

So you don't understand that the concept of private enterprise doesn't mention taxpayers giving subsidies to large, profitable firms?  Well, fair enough, you aren't alone, a lot of people don't get that eithor. I blame the schools for not teaching this correctly, but that is just me. 

But if the GOP leadership doesn't understand that then they should run as Democrats and at least get credit for being honest about what they stand for. Personally, if I vote for a Republican I want to see one at work, not a Democrat. 

You can grow bananas at the South Pole if you get a big enough subsidy, but as soon as the subsidy ends, so does the industry. It does not establish a competitive business and you clearly do not understand that.

Yes, I know about Airbus and the EU and how the French do it. Have you not noticed that the EU economy has been stagnant for years, they do not have competitive industries no matter how much public money is thrown at them? The public money thrown at Airbus runs into tens of billions and there are plenty of other things that money could have been spent on, with much better outcomes. There are always costs to spending money.

Ok, the Asian and European countries do it, but so what?  Do you beat your wife because other people do it?


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