ESPN Failure

Sports Business Daily has an interesting take on the ESPN layoffs.  So, I would like offer mine.

There may be another reason that ESPN is having problems. Rather than sticking to sports it has decided to spend a lot of time on social activism and social commentary, and take sides. I for one, greatly limit the amount of time that I watch ESPN. There is lots of sports to watch, and I can do without the biased lecture. 

Other than one or two games per day, that's all that ESPN is - talking heads, commentary about what some retired jock millionaire thinks about Obama, health care (I DON"T CARE) and mindless blathering. Same with all the 24 hour "news" networks, though. They have to fill 24 hours a day, and they think that people care what their on-air personalities think. WRONG! I read the scores and reports online. If a video is associated, I block it and go elsewhere.  If I want political commentary I tune into CSPAN where they actually have the facts and know what they speak of.
ESPN has ruined and continues to ruin televised sports. How these washed up, fat blowhards, that for the most part make up controversies, when they're not preaching and tut tutting to the ignorant masses ever were allowed to have this sort of monopoly on televised sports is one of the great broadcasting scandals of the last ten years. Unless you pay these bloodsuckers, forget for the most part being able to watch actual sports unless you think poker and darts are sports, your local college/pro teams are no longer on local broadcasting. For example in regard to MLB, unless you pay them (cable/satellite) you can forget watching your local MLB team on local broadcasting. I consider it good news and hopefully this (FANTASY) will put them out of business. 

And now they are in bed with the Daily (Gambling) Fantasy sites DraftKings and FanDuel taking their gambling money and corrupting sports down to its core. No longer about winning and competing, now it's all about your Daily Fantasy Lineup - hey ESPN stop advertising Gambling to KIDS!


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