H1-B Visas Vaguely Mentioned By GOP Candidates

I would like to hear the word, "H-1b", verbalized, by Trump and all other GOP candidates.

I would like some clarity, regarding this issue.

H-1b, L-1s’, visa lotteries, post grad student visas, and on and on… and on, and on… it is no longer enough to stand as a nation and compete with the world-at-large, but no, the world at large will be brought to you, so that you may compete with them in your own offices and worksites.

And you will be competing for suppressed wages, and even where qualified, will most likely be cleverly bypassed by the ‘multi-national’ corporate slave owners, masquerading as U.S., sovereign entities.

In a sane world, H-1b, L-1, visas, (We can keep the O-1, which was meant for true genius) would be suspended. Millions of our better paying jobs would be instantly made available, in America, for Americans.

Note: If you do not know what an H-1b visa is, it has been in existence for over two decades, and imports millions of foreign nationals, to replace Americans, in the United States of America! 'They' are still doing it, even now! Visas like H-1b, etc., have decimated the tech sector, and are impacting other U.S. based jobs, like nursing, teaching, etc.

We should also revoke some or all green-cards. Again, a massive number of American jobs would be returned to Americans. And then there is the issue of sending our jobs offshore, often implemented by those brought to our country on visa, or those having become a green-card holder, who then coordinate the shipping of entire departments, knowledge-bases out of our country… ultimately, entire industries.

Then for the low to medium wage jobs, we can look at the wide-open borders, and the traitors that advocate a nation without enforcement of its own borders, its laws, and disinterest in its own sovereign best-interest… survival.

How, can anyone speak of returning jobs to Americans, while they ignore, or worse, condone, the continued replacement of Americans, in American offices and worksites, with foreign nationals, at a 'clip of' hundreds of thousands (we are not told the exact number! more likely, all-told, closer to a million or more...) per year?!

And yes, it is Americans who have facilitated this betrayal of Americans. The corporations, supported by a sold-out government and press.

Constantly having your leg pissed on, and being told that it is raining, is the insult-to-injury!

The instigators, their apparatchik, the collaborators, the enemy-within, the useful-idiots, are pissing on our nation's workforce, and cheap labor, political-correctness, are their weapons of choice.

From US News and World Report:

Immigration is among the top issues during this election cycle, but Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump and Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida both have their facts wrong when it comes to H1-B visas.

During the Republican debate on Wednesday, both characterized the visa program as damaging to American workers. Rubio defended his support for the I-Squared bill, which would triple the number of H1-B visas offered annually for skilled foreign workers, but added a caveat, calling for companies that want to hire a skilled worker from overseas to first advertise the job for 180 days to ensure Americans have an opportunity to apply for the job first. 


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